Saturday, January 21, 2012

What's Happening

     Hey guys. When I first started this blog it was because I was bored and I wanted to be a book blogger, like YA Vampire Books, who initially got me interested in it. There was a period in the beginning where I didn't really know what to do and didn't post anything. Then another period arose where I hardly posted, and that was because I was really busy with school and other personal stuff so I just plain forgot about posting. Then I really got into and would have a few posts ready ahead of time because I didn't want to wait until the day they were set to post to come. I really came to enjoy running the blog. 

     The point of me telling you that is that I no longer feel excited about posting and updating. Instead I feel like I have to work just to remember to post on time, and even then I end up posting right before I go to bed because that's when I see Chapter by Chapter's tweets about her posts. So, I'm not going to post much at all for awhile and I felt like I should tell you. I will post the winner of Cover Combat Week 8 on Monday, and I will post reviews every so often because they are needed for some of the challenges I'm in (I like challenges right now, they keep me reading even when I don't feel like it). I'm sorry if I disappointed you, but I just need a break. I don't know how long this slump will last, it could go on for only 1 month or it could go on for 6-7 months. I really don't know what else to to say. Again, I'm sorry.


  1. Blogging should be fun, don't worry if you need some time off.