Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 #50BookPledge

The #50BookPledge is to 'make an effort to make reading a bigger part of our lives.' I'm am going to make this sort of like a challenge for myself, because that will motivate me more than just saying I will read more. I took this pledge because, while I read a lot last year, I felt like I was only ever reading at school, and occupied my free time with other things. I want to, as I quoted earlier, 'make an effort to make reading a bigger part of my life.'

NOTE: There will be a list of books for this challenge, and it will be updated whenever I finish a book. The list won't be on this post, but under the 2012 Challenges page of the blog.

You might notice that my Goodreads progress bar and my #50BookPledge progress bar are off by a couple books, and that is because Goodreads count the little outtakes and extras that I've marked as read. I personally don't count those, which is why the bars don't match. Just thought I should tell you that.

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