Thursday, August 11, 2011

YA Crush Tourney News

This was the first annual Summer Crushin' Tournament, hosted by the YA Sisterhood. I'm blogging about it today because it ended this morning and I'm very excited about the winner. So for the Grande Finale round, Jace Wayland(from Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments series) went up against Zachary Moore(from Jeri Smith-Ready's Shift & Shade novels). 

And(unsurprisingly) the Winner is. . .

Jace Wayland

Now the voting was very close at 24,250 to 21,385. And when I went to bed last night(at 2a.m.), I was a little worried that #TeamKilt would pull a last-minute voting ambush like they did when Zachary was against Tod Hudson(from Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamers series) in the semi-finals.

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm #TeamJace all the way! So I was excited when, yesterday, Cassandra blogged that if Jace wins she would post the unedited version of the Dirty Sexy Club Scene in City of Lost Souls, A spicy teaser from Clockwork Prince, and if he won by more than 1,000 votes, a romantic Magnus/Alec scene from CoLS. Then I got even more excited when she blogged "The Big Guns edition", in which she would give away a Clockwork Prince ARC to someone who tweeted, blogged, Facebooked, etc. about the tourney between 8p.m. & 8a.m. yesterday. Also yesterday, for every fifty votes Jace got Cassie would answer a character question on Twitter(I'm trying to compile the Q&A's into a list)
(Not sure who made this, but I got it when it was @HebelDesign's profile picture.)

For the complete list(match ups included) of everyone in the tourney, go here.
For the YA Sisterhood's post on the winner, go here.

EDIT: Added the link for the Clockwork Prince teaser. If you missed it, go here.
Also, if you didn't catch the DSCS(Dirty Sexy Club Scene) link, go here.

EDIT 2: Added the link for the Malec(Magus/Alec) scene. If you missed it, go here.

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